Admission Process

Step 1

Download the ADMISSION FORM 2020-2021 from the admission section on this website, fill in the application form and print out on white A4 paper. Prepare all mandatory documents.

Step 2

Call the reception 021-35155180 to make an appointment to meet the admission officer and bring your child with you in order to complete the entry interview and enrolment assessment. Bring the completed admission form along with the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS 2020-2021

Step 3

The admission committee will review your application and check your child's result strictly adhering to the School Admission policy.


What If My Child Does Not Pass The Entry Exam?

Children who do not pass the entry exam will meet with the Principal who will guide and advise them on how to improve their skill set. A support plan will be communicated to ensure the child can bridge the gap in their skills. If the child cannot understand instructions in English and not access the curriculum their application maybe rejected.